VITS (Vivekananda Institute of Technology and Science) is one of the finest technological institutes of today’s times. Our Chairman, Dr.M.Satchidananda Rao, established the institution in the year 2004. The sole reason to set up this institution was to provide world-class education to the rural population of Karimnagar and the villages around it. The effort to impart value-based education to all is the topmost priority in the minds of our management and faculty.Engineers technologists form the backbone of any nation’s economic development and we strive to produce the best engineers who are motivated to solve problems in an ever-changing world. Our institute holds the distinction of being amongst the best in terms of the infrastructure and faculty. We are determined to provide an excellent environment and care for students. At the same time striving to maintain the quality of education to match the demands of the present-day. This is reflected in the students who have graduated from VITS, who are very successful in their lives. Four years of engineering education at Vivekananda Institute of Technology and Science will not only earn you a degree but will transform your personality, empowering you to lead a successful life.



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