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MECHANICAL ENGINEERING is one of the oldest and broadest branches of engineering, it is also referred to as the MOTHER branch of engineering. It is a diverse subject that derives its breadth from the need to design and manufacture everything from small individual parts and devices to large systems. It is a discipline of engineering that applies the principle of physics and material science and involves in the production of heat and mechanical power for analysis, design, manufacturing, production, operation and the maintenance of machine & tools.


The endeavour of the Department is to provide high quality education in these demanding engineering disciplines to the students under the able supervision of senior faculty of the existing departments. Well-qualified and dedicated faculty have been recruited as per the requirement of the courses. The college campus offers excellent environment for the overall development of the personality and leadership qualities of the students. We take special efforts to reduce the gap between Industry & Institute.

Course Outcome

VITS follows the course structure decided by the JNTUHyderabad. We provide a 4 year course for the B.Tech program.



As an inclusive discipline with the flexibility to accommodate broad interests, Mechanical Engineering seeks to broaden its attraction to highly capable students. Innovations in Mechanical Engineering education will prepare these students to pursue their individual interests well beyond the perceived boundaries of the discipline’s traditional roles. These students may wish to enter any among a wide variety of career paths for which a Mechanical Engineering background would constitute a desirable foundation.


The mission of the Department is to provide high quality education to talented students who desire to be innovative and society responsible leaders in industry and academic world. Our students endeavour to improve the individual condition in the vicinity and globally by determining the future with their passion to learn and to solve some of the great challenges and exertions. Balancing primary principles with real time applications and focus on interdisciplinary learning and entrepreneurship. We provide an motivating atmosphere that encourages students and faculty to be creative and help them in achieve their goal.


The Mechanical Engineering department at VITS is well equipped with latest state of the advanced labs. All the labs are upgrading time to time as per the need of the curriculum and for practical exposure. Our strength is very experienced and dedicated technical staff who takes special interest on training the students. Some of the main labs are Engineering Workshop, Machine Tools, Fuid mechanics, Hydraulics and Hydraulic machinery, Strength of Materials and Thermal Engineering etc.



Mr. A. SUGUNAKAR Associate Professor and Head of the Department. He has 19 years of Experience in Teaching / Research / Industry. He holds various positions at the institution and Group level such as Dean-Academics, Dean-Student Affairs, Core Committee member,
Convener and coordinator for various committees

Faculty ME

VITS-ME department faculty are highly experienced and very talented, Full-fledged and their services are of immense use for the students. They emphasize on research and development, for the academic success and knowledge development of the graduates

Department Achievements

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Department Events

ME Department, organizes co-curricular and extra- curricular activities for an all-round development of students. Student Chapters of IEEE, ISTE conduct events through out the year, keeping students busy beyond-the-classroom activities like organized blood donation camps, charity donation to orphan home and Old age homes also did several awareness programs on traffic rules, clay idols of Ganapathi, Haritha Haram initiated by Government of Telangana.

Learning Resources

The department has adopted latest teaching learning processes like E–learning, power point presentations, over head projectors, seminars, industrial visits and Workshops etc

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