• Anti-Ragging Committee

    College Anti-Ragging Committee is being formed comprising the following Staff Members. Name Designation in Committee
    1 Mr P Pradeep Kumar,HOD&DEAN Chairman
    2 N Stalin , HOD-H&S Member
    3 Md Haleem HOD-CIVIL Member
    4 G. Shankar Member
    5 A Padma Member
    6 T Laxminarayana Member
    7 E Sathish Babu Member
    8 G. Madhu Member

    For Complaints/Queries

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    The charges of the Committee are the following:

      1. To maintain & enforce strict discipline to prevent ragging in the College Campus.
      2. To spread anti-ragging campaign throughout the student community by giving full publicity to the punishment for ragging through suitable posters around college campus and hostel premises.
      3. To keep continuous watch and vigil over ragging so as to prevent its occurrence and recurrence.
      4. To organize / conduct anti-ragging seminars / workshops regularly in the college separately for senior and junior (fresher) students. “As per the directive from District Collector, Karimnagar, first seminar / workshop has to be conducted within a week’s time after the start of the Semester by inviting Sub-Divisional Police Officers & Revenue Divisional Officers and all II, III & IV B.Tech. Students to make them aware of the dehumanizing effect of ragging and rigorous punishments if found guilty of ragging and / or abetting ragging”.
      5. To monitor the movement of the students in the college and prevent loitering around in the Corridors, near Canteen, Mess and Hostel premises during the college working hours.
      6. To form squads to make surprise visits to identified ragging prone areas – Bus-stops, Hostels, Canteen, Mess areas, Student waiting rooms, Vacant class rooms, and also Play grounds. Strict surveillances should be maintained in such locations for prevention of ragging.
      7. Create awareness among students that ragging is a reprehensible act which does no good to anyone and by simultaneously generating an atmosphere of discipline by sending a clear message that no act of ragging shall go unnoticed & unpunished.
      8. Interact with fresher’s and take them in confidence by apprising them of their rights as well as obligation to fight against ragging and generate confidence in their mind that any instances of ragging to which they are subjected or which comes in their knowledge should forthwith be brought to their knowledge and shall promptly be dealt with while protecting the complainants from any harassment by perpetrators of ragging.
      9. No person who is not a student of this college should be allowed to enter the premises of the college or hostel without obtaining prior permission of the Principal, Student ID card should be checked regularly.

    Committee should meet regularly once a week to review the prevalent situation & evolve effective measures to combat ragging.

    Any incident of ragging in the college or outside should be brought to the notice of the Principal with written complaint. The minutes of every meeting should be conducted in the presence of Principal.

  • Grievance &RedressalCommittee

    The following members are nominated for College Grievance&Redressal Committee
    Proposed by college administration Name of the Faculty DEPARTMENT Designation in the Committee
    1 Dr D.Ramana Reddy PRINCIPAL CHAIRMAN
    2 D.Ravikiran Babu ECE Coordinator

    For Complaints/Queries

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  • Women Protection Cell

    The following is the committee members for Women Protection Cell: Name of the Faculty Department Designation in the Committee
    2 D. Srilatha ECE Member
    3 P.THULASI CSE Member
    4 M.M.Venu MECH MEMBER
    5 MoinazFathima CIVIL Member
    5 CH.BHANUPRIYA H&S Member
    1. To enquire the complaints received from the aggrieved students or teacher.
    2. To recommend to the principal the punishment & penalty to be imposed.
  • College Disciplinary Action Committee Name of the Faculty Department Designation in the Committee
    1 Dr. D. Ramana Reddy Principal Chairman
    2 Mr. A.Sugunakar Mech Coordinator
    3 Dr M Anjan Kumar CSE Member
    4 T.Indrasen EEE Member
    5 G Shankar ECE Member
    6 MD Younus Civil Member
    7 V Sudhakar Reddy H&S Member
    8 G.Sridhar PD Member

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